With us all being on “lockdown,” I thought I would provide you guys with some free bits and bobs so that you can enjoy Viola (and other lovely characters) from the comfort of your own home!

Check out my YouTube channel for lots of videos including readings, quizzes and a virtual author visit.


I’ve also provided some free short stories for you to download and enjoy.

The Adventures of Woo

A rhyming story that began life as an ode to our family cat, Clyde – a feral ginger cat who never shied away from a fight, whether it be with a fellow cat, a rabbit, a fox or a human. And he ALWAYS won.  (Suitable for all ages – family friendly, in other words!)

The Bee That Wouldn’t Fly

A rhyming story about a bee with a phobia of flying. Bit awkward when you’re a bee…(Suitable for all the family)

The Huggabugs

A rhyming story about the mysterious Huggabugs that live in your garden. (Suitable for all the family but aimed at very young children)